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6 Best Hawaiian Islands to Visit- Travelers Guide

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It’s high time you get that refreshing break you need and no greater place offers this than Hawaii.  

Hawaii is simply a tropical haven with clean beaches, bursting greenery, and clear waters. 

The Hawaiian Islands are the ideal location to create lovely and priceless memories, especially with your loved ones. 

The islands stand out from other vacation destinations thanks to their abundant natural beauty and vibrant culture.

However, choosing which of the eight main islands to visit might be difficult. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top six Hawaiian Islands that you should visit as soon as possible. 

Above all, one thing is for sure, each of these Hawaiian islands offers a distinct experience that will leave you in amazement.

Therefore, let’s not waste any more time, I’m sure you’re already excited! 

Best Hawaiian Islands to Visit


This Hawaiian Island is a small great treasure that was under the preying eye of many wealthy men. Eventually, it was bought by one of them. 

American software tycoon Larry Ellison is the owner of the tiny and charming Hawaiian island of Lanai.

 He owns 98% of the island; the State of Hawaii and other organizations possess the other 2%.

 The Four Seasons Resort Lanai and The Spa at Sensei Lanai are the only resorts open here. While both provide luxury amenities and picturesque Pacific views, most people arrive on day trips to cross Lanai off their bucket list of things to do in Hawaii.

You can get to Lanai through Maui using a taxi and explore all the wonders this place offers including whale watching. 

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2. Maui

 Maui can be the ideal destination if you’re seeking a vacation where you can relax at an opulent beachside hotel. 

The best places in Maui to find opulent lodging, chic dining options, and tranquillizing spas are Ka’anapali Beach and Wailea Beach.

Many tourists that visit Hawaii as a whole particularly love Maui.

 With the ideal combination of natural and urban regions (towns), excellent snorkelling, fantastic hiking routes, a hikeable volcano, and so much more, Maui has something for everyone in Hawaii.

  3. Hawaii Island (Big Island)

The Big Island is home to 4,028 square miles, making it bigger than all the other Hawaiian islands put together and offering plenty of room for exciting excursions.

 Outdoor enthusiasts have a wide range of activities to choose from, like hiking volcanoes, diving at night, exploring waterfalls, and learning about the local culture. 

With opulent resorts and spas on the Kohala Coast, the island is a great choice for anyone seeking a relaxing vacation.

 Despite its size, the Big Island is simple to navigate and its beaches and activities are well dispersed.

If you want to fully enjoy the island, make sure to go to Hilo, a rainforest. Hilo is incredibly wet, yet the charm and the beautiful surroundings are enhanced by this wetness. 

Additionally, you can explore the breathtaking and surreal expanse of scorched volcanic plains and twisted lava tubes at the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, which is classified as a World Heritage Site.

Not leaving out the Kohala Coast, which is to the east, this area has opulent resorts and spas that provide a soothing respite from all the thrills.

4. Kauai

Kauai is the best island in Hawaii to visit if you truly want to experience the natural island life. 

Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai, is referred to as the “Garden Isle” because of its lush woods, imposing canyons, and breathtaking coastlines. 

 Blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park and Avatar have frequently used Kauai as their setting because of its diverse collection of spectacular natural features, which range from extensive stretches of pristine beach next to towering cliffs to lush jungles with dramatic waterfalls.

If you’re an adventure seeker, there’s no better island in Hawaii to visit than Kauai as you have the opportunity to explore stunning landscapes through wilderness hikes, river kayak excursions, and breathtaking helicopter rides. 

What’s more, you don’t have to deal with crowds because just 10% of the island has been developed.

5. Oahu

Oahu is a bustling island that combines cultural and environmental grandeur with 21st-century entertainment and facilities.

75% of Hawaii’s people live in Oahu, with many of them residing in Honolulu, a metropolis of tall buildings. 

Hawaii activities, excursions, shopping, surfing, nightlife, and cuisine are all quite popular in Oahu. 

The island is the most developed of the big islands, and you’ll notice it since it’s busy and more chaotic here than in other parts of Hawaii.

 Up to 6 million tourists visit Oahu every year, making it the Hawaiian island with the most visitors. As a result, if you’re looking for a quiet, remote escape, it might not be the best choice.

Oahu can be the ultimate Hawaiian trip if you’re searching for the big-city charm and iconic sites, even though it might not provide an isolated island experience.

 Hawaii’s culinary centre is located in Honolulu and offers a wide selection of Pan-Asian, Polynesian, and American-style dishes.

Overall, If you enjoy being outside, this island has a lot to offer, including trekking Diamond Head Crater, surfing the North Shore, and snorkelling at Hanauma Bay.

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6. Molokai

The last truly original Hawaiian island is thought to be Molokai. It draws fewer people and provides a more secluded experience because it only has 8,000 residents and a small number of mid-range resorts. 

Numerous Native Hawaiians who have kept their ancient way of life, including long-standing traditions and close-knit communities, make up the local population.

Visitors can engage in a variety of activities on Molokai despite its isolation. 

A few enjoyable activities are posting a coconut home from the Hoolehua Post Office, trekking along the world’s tallest sea cliffs, and going to the Molokai Saturday Farmer’s Market in Kaunakakai, where you may browse and purchase fresh organic products.


Everyone that has visited Hawaii testifies that it is a beautiful island with a special mix of culture, history, and natural splendour.

 From the breathtaking beaches and exciting nightlife of Oahu to the rough landscape and outdoor activities of Kauai, each of the six Hawaiian Islands has something unique to offer tourists. 

We assure you that there is an island that will satisfy your demands, whether you’re seeking adventure, rest, or both.

So, Don’t let this chance pass you by; start planning your trip right away to begin making lifelong memories.

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