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How To Protect Your Belonging On Cruise Excursions

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Cruise excursions can be exciting and interesting, from engaging in interesting activities like looking out the windows to enjoying the view while travelling to conversing with schoolmates or co-workers on interesting topics. 

You can also take pictures and videos of events & places that are quite interesting. Cruise travellers always want to consistently engage themselves in fun and creative activities. 

At the same time, travelling, sometimes they may also feel the need to lie down & sleep or even use the restroom, but they worry endlessly about how to protect their belongings on their cruise excursion or in the ports to enjoy themselves.

Being a victim of theft on a cruise ship cabin, at the beach, or at the port is a rather unpleasant experience. This article describes various anti-theft cruise excursion tips that will save you from being a victim of pickpockets while travelling.

How To Protect Your Belonging On Cruise Excursions

1. Utilize Luggage Tags

This is the first step you must take in order to keep your cruise excursion belongings safe.

Your luggage tag should have your name, cruise ship cabin/room number, destination, and bag weight so cruise stewards can easily detect your luggage and hand them over to you.

Be very cautious about providing very personal & private information like your home address, social security number, or workplace address on your luggage tag because thieves can easily take pictures of the tag and track down the personal information provided on it in order to steal from you.

2. Utilize Luggage GPS Trackers

About 99% of luggage that contains luggage GPS trackers are found when stolen or misplaced and returned to the cruise travellers who own them. 

All you need to do is purchase a competent luggage tracker and a compatible smartphone in order to operate the tracker effectively. 

Just before you go onboard the cruise ship, ensure you drop the GPS tracker inside your luggage and then keep the compatible device close at all times to always be sure of where your belongings are.

3. Make Use Of Luggage Locks

Never underestimate the use of locks on luggage or, better still, make use of luggage that already has customized locks.

You could use combination locks, TSA-approved locks, biometric locks, keyed locks, smart locks, or luggage with built-in locks.

It is much easier to enjoy the excitement that a cruise excursion has to offer when the valuable belongings stored in your travel luggage are safely locked up. 

4. Double Check All Luggage Brought Into Your Cabin

The luggage brought to your cabin by the porter should be cross-checked for accuracy. You may use your luggage tag or GPS tracker to ensure that the luggage handed over to you isis right. 

Once you confirm your luggage, the porter may be allowed to leave.

5. Do Not Use Cabins That Lack Privacy 

In order to protect your travel belongings on a cruise excursion, you should book cabins that offer total privacy. Avoid cabins that limit comfort & privacy, cabins that are too noisy, and cabins that may obstruct your view.

6. Always Wear A Crossbody Bag

Personal items like a wallet, money, smartphone, and the keys to your cabin are packed in a crossbody bag. 

A crossbody bag makes personal items easily accessible and, at the same time, very safe because thieves will consider it near impossible to snatch personal items from a cruise traveller who carries a crossbody bag. 

7. Always Lock Your Cabin

It is essential to remember that you are among strangers, and you cannot fully trust anyone yet. 

While you may be trying to observe the travellers on the same cruise excursion as you and making acquaintances, you must see it as compulsory to always keep your cabin locked with all your valuables in it.

8. Offer Free Tips To Your Cabin Attendant

While you are out to explore the view on your excursion, chat with acquaintances, participate in exciting games, and take pictures and videos of yourself and acquaintances, you may need to consider offering your cabin attendant free tips to get him or her to help watch over your cabin and protect your belongings.

After certain hours of being out, the tipped cabin attendant will report to you about the state of your cabin whenever you arrive.

9. Make Use Of Your Personal Security Camera

A cruise traveller is free to utilize his or her security CCTV camera onboard. 

Once you have your camera installed in the cabin where you have organized all your travel belongings, you will no longer have to worry about theft because the camera will detect any form of burglary while you are away.

10. Consider Traveling Light

Boat cruise travellers who possess light luggage that does not contain many valuable items are automatically ruled out of the list of potential thieves. 

Thieves only look out for travellers who look flashy, travel expensively and possess items like excessive cash, expensive phones, laptops, wrist watches, or jewellery. 

Also, the travelling light automatically saves your luggage from too much pressure, breakages or cracks while you are in transit.

11. Be Cautious Of Where You Fall Asleep

It’s no one’s fault that cruise excursions can sometimes get exhausting, but it is rather wise to consider the risks of sleeping off quite carelessly on a cruise ship. 

Falling asleep on cruise ships may cause you to lose some valuable items from your bag or probably attract the prying eyes of thieves.

If you are fatigued while travelling, it is best that you communicate with your fellow travellers and go into your cabin to get some rest after carefully tucking away your valuable belongings.


Is It Safe To Take Jewellery On A Cruise?

Even costume jewellery can be expensive, so keep it in your carry-on luggage. Once settled in your stateroom, you can lock up your jewellery, passport, wallet, and other valuables in the safe.

Do You Need To Take Your Passport On Trips?

You should not take your passport unless your tour requires it. We recommend bringing your driver’s license with you as a form of identification.

Can I Lock My Luggage On The Cruise?

Luggage can only be locked with a TSA-approved lock, and all hand luggage must fit into the X-ray machines.

How Can I Protect My Luggage From Theft?

Invest in a sturdy ID tag. Lock your checked bags with a TSA-approved lock. Place a copy of the boarding pass in your checked baggage. Take pictures of the contents of your checked baggage just before you put it all in your bag to prove your case should you need to file a claim.

Do You Need A Passport For Shore Excursions?

We recommend that anyone taking a cruise from the United States have a passport. While some “closed loop” cruises may not require a US passport, we recommend bringing one in case of an unexpected medical air evacuation or a ship docking at an alternate port.

Can You Get Off A Cruise Ship Without An Excursion?

You absolutely do not need to take shore excursions on a cruise, and you can come and go freely from most cruise ships when they are in port. Shore excursions are one way to explore the areas visited by the ship and participate in available off-ship activities.

How Much Money Do You Need For A Cruise?

Most guests bring $50-$120 in cash daily to spend during the cruise. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to shop duty-free, take exciting shore excursions, shop for local souvenirs, take your chances at the casino or enjoy some pampering at the spa.

Do They Check Your Stuff On The Cruise?

Screening for a cruise is fairly simple. The attendant will check your boarding pass, and then your luggage will be x-rayed while you go through the metal detector. All your carry-on bags will go through an X-ray, which looks just like what you would encounter at an airport.

Do Customs Officers Check Cruise Ships?

US citizens on cruise ships are not required to go through a thorough screening process. The majority of cruise ship passengers calling at US ports are US citizens.

Can I Bring A Bike On The Cruise?

On the embarkation day, a small amount of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e. sparkling water, sodas, energy drinks, juice and milk) may be carried on board in cans or cartons, which must be carried in the guest’s hand luggage.


In order to enjoy your cruise excursion to the maximum, adherence to these efficient safety precautions on how to protect your travel belongings on cruise excursions will limit the risk of losing them to pickpockets or having them misplaced.

We hope you found this blog post very helpful and picked several excellent safety tips from all the luggage safety precautions described in this article. 

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