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Best Time To Travel To Barbados

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Barbados is one of those islands you can visit at any time of the year as it is famous for its beautiful weather, festivals, and hours of sunshine on average each year.

So, if you want to know more about this island, then keep scrolling as we have all the details such as the temperature, the best month to visit this island and much more information.

What Does The Climate Of Barbados Look Like?

As you are preparing to take a trip to Barbados pretty soon or shortly, you must know what the climatic condition of the country looks like. It will aid you to know how best to prepare for the trip. 

Barbados is a tropical climate with warm temperatures, sunlight, and seasons which comprises dry and wet seasons. The dry season starts from early December to May and the wet season lats

The temperature ranges from mid-80s F (about 30 °C) to 70s F (about 22 °C) with a 77% humidity rate. On average, November is the most humid month, at 81.0%, while February is the least humid month, at 75.0%.

Additionally, it has an annual rainfall of 1,200/1,400 millimetres (47/55 inches) and its rainiest period is from July to November, while the driest month is from February to April.

Furthermore, the rains in Barbados occur usually with downpours or thunderstorms, which are usually very intense, but generally do not last long, so they do not reduce the sunshine hours.

Barbados may be affected by tropical storms and cyclones, which are called hurricanes in the Caribbean and can affect this area from June to November, although they are more likely from August to October.

Barbados is located outside of the Caribbean Sea basin, and also quite to the south, so it is generally affected by tropical depressions when they are not very strong, at the level of a tropical storm or of a low-category hurricane. 

Barbados High Season vs Low Season: What’s The Difference?

The term “high or low season” refers to the number of visitors that are visiting the country at a particular time. 

During the high season, there are lots of events, crowds, and winter getaways. It lasts from December till April the following year. 

Also, this season comes with pleasant and favourable weather conditions which attract travellers from all over the world to visit and enjoy several experiences, such as boat sailing races and a week-long Holetown festival, that attract crowds of tourists and locals alike.

Furthermore, due to the increased demand, it will cause the rentals and accommodations chargers to increase but it comes with free nights spent at diners and time out diving with a guide, requiring reservations at this time of year.

The low season which starts from June to early November is less popular due to the potential for rain during this stretch of the year. 

While the island sees a constant climate of approximately 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit, the low season brings with it four to seven inches of rainfall each month and a potential for severe weather events like hurricanes.

Travellers staying in Barbados during the low season find that waiting through a rainy day makes way for clearer beaches, easy shopping experiences, and lower rental prices. 

Low season also sees its festivals, such as the stunning and exciting Crop Over Festival and the Barbados Food and Rum Festival.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Barbados?

The best time to visit Barbados depends on your reason for going to the country. However, the most recommended time to visit Barbados regardless of any reason is between mid-December and mid-April, during the dry season as you will experience less rainfall and the temperatures will be around 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let’s look at the different months and their respective benefits if you visit any of them. They include:


January is one of the best weather months to visit Barbados as there are about nine hours of sunshine during the day, with the average daily temperatures hovering around 82 degrees Fahrenheit, making for nearly perfect beach conditions. 

In addition, it has a very low humidity rate and there will be little chance of bad weather.

Furthermore, the month of January is in the peak tourist season, so beaches will be more crowded and tourist attractions will be busier. This will lead to the prices of the accommodation, airline etc increasing beyond expectations at a premium. 

However, you will also experience the island on full display with key January events like the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series open-water sailing event.


The month of February is an ideal month to visit as the temperatures and seawater are warm, so you can spend time at the beach comfortably.

During this month, the season is always dry with low humidity. Prices for hotels are usually very low this time of year, and the island is busy with vacationers, but it is one of the best months for festivals and cultural events. An example of such top events is the hometown festival which is held in mid-February.


Just like other months, March is also one of the high dry seasons to visit Barbados as it has the optimal weather. Its temperatures are in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, and humidity levels are also very low. 

The month of March still has many tourists which usually increases mid-month with spring break. Accommodation is expected to increase during this period. A popular event on the island is Oistins Fish Festival, a community celebration that takes place on Easter weekend. 


The month of April is regarded as one of the shoulder seasons with lower prices, especially when renting a hotel for the duration of your stay. The average temperatures within this period are in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, with cooling breezes.


May is also a shoulder season, has consistently sunny days, and it is the last month before the rainy season. During this period, the rate goes on for hotels and airfare continues to go down throughout the month. 

The temperatures are warm but not too hot, so you can still take advantage of outdoor excursions comfortably. Since it is just outside of the peak tourist season, the beaches are quieter and there are still many festivals on the island to enjoy. This is a month with great value for the money.


June is the first month of the rainy season and the start of hurricane season in which the heat and humidity are very high in June, with temperatures averaging in the high 80s Fahrenheit. 

Since this is the off-season in Barbados, you can take advantage of discounted rates in June for hotels, resorts, and oceanfront villas. 

This is a great month for travellers who want to spend more time seeing the sights of Bridgetown and enjoying the local food from street vendors.


Although July is within the rainy season, many travellers prefer it because of the hot weather and low prices that have attached to it. The average high temperatures are in the high 80s Fahrenheit with lots of humidity. 

If you travel in early July before the school breaks are fully underway, you can find some nice deals on flights.


If you travel to Barbados in August be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, water, and a hat to prepare for the hot temperatures and humidity. 

August is one of the hottest months on the island, and while it is in the hurricane season, storms are not likely. You may experience afternoon showers but they generally do not last long.

The accommodation price will be higher this month as it comes with numerous events.


September is the month with one of the highest amounts of rainfall during the year, but still, the chance of severe storms or a hurricane is low, and you can use the bursts of rain to do your indoor duty-free shopping.

This month is great if you are looking for some of the lowest prices of the year to travel to Barbados. 

With the warm ocean waters, September is a good month to swim or try surfing at the beaches and help you close due to the slow tourist activity this time of year.


It is in hurricane season and one of the riskier months for potential heavy storms. Generally, Barbados does not experience major storms or hurricanes, but the potential is there, so you should be aware of that risk. 

Since October is in the low season, you can book villas and hotels for steeply discounted prices. There may be more limited availability for tours and restaurants as it is the low season.


This is a great time to visit, as it is in the shoulder season, so you have the benefit of nice weather days and hotel prices that are still discounted from the low season.


The month of December kicks off the peak tourist season in Barbados as tourists start returning to the beaches, and hotel rates begin to rise. It is on the front end of the dry season, which is the best time to visit Barbados, so you can maximize your outdoor activities on the island.

Temperatures on the island average in the low 80s Fahrenheit in December, and the humidity is lower. 

So, if you want to travel in December, it is best to do it early in the month before holiday rates for airfares and hotels skyrocket, and the influx of tourists spending the holidays on the island begins to arrive.

What Are The Shoulder Months?

The shoulder season includes May, June and November. These seasons help us to decide often overlooked when deciding on the best time to travel to Barbados, or any other destination. 

During shoulder season, you get the best of both worlds. With crowd volume somewhere in the middle, you won’t have to worry much about the best beachside spots being taken, or resorts being completely sold out.

Another great time to visit Barbados is in the shoulder months of September, October, and November when you will find great value for your time and money. 

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Worst Months To Visit Barbados

The worst month to visit Barbados is during the hurricane season which is from August to November. 

Although the island is very beautiful, it is also quite susceptible to hurricanes. However, it is important to bear this sad fact that even though there is a risk of storms during these months, the island rarely sees severe weather or hurricanes.

Apart from the fact that it is the worst month to visit Barbados but it still has some benefits such as the accommodation rate in most hotels will be lesser and there will be fewer crowds and tourists around.

What Are The Weather Patterns For Barbados?

This island is famous for its wonderful weather pattern and sunshine. However, it has only four types of weather which you will likely encounter whenever you visit the island. 

Spring In Barbados

Spring is an ideal time to visit Barbados, as the weather is sunny and dry. The beaches and hotels are less crowded with tourists since the tourist season is in the wintertime, so once the last of the spring break revellers have departed in April, prices on the island drop accordingly. 

The humidity of the island will be at its lowest this time of year and temperatures will be around 29 – 30°C.

Furthermore, as the driest season, the following months are the average days of rainfall which includes March, April, and May. March is the month with the lowest relative humidity.

Summer In Barbados

During this season, visitors to the island come around expecting stronger winds as it is the wet season. However, the amount of rainfall will gradually rise to about 169mm by July. Furthermore, the humidity will be at its highest when it is around

As Barbados enters the wet season, visitors to the island in June and July can expect stronger winds of around 13 mph and the amount of rainfall to gradually rise to around 169 mm by July.

Humidity will be at its highest at around 81% in August and temperatures will remain around 30 °C. Also, the hurricane will possibly be at its lowest though, we will advise that you check before you travel to avoid any unnecessary setbacks.

Fall In Barbados

Fall is the peak wet season in Barbados, and if you are travelling to the island, you must ensure that you have prepared to pack rain gear, especially if you are visiting in October. 

It is the month with the highest chance of precipitation, as it has 16 rainy days on average and 7.3 inches of rainfall. 

November is also the month with the highest relative humidity at 83%. There are upsides. However, September is the best month for swimming, with an average sea temperature of 84.9 F. 

At the beginning of the fall. It is also possible to score good travel deals in the fall, as it is not yet the busiest tourist season on the island.

Winter In Barbados

If you are seeking winter sun, then Barbados is the ideal destination in late winter as it has 9 daily hours of glorious sunshine, temperatures around 29 °C and the least rainfall of the whole year, with as little as 42 mm expected in February.

The humidity in Barbados during the winter months tends to be at its lowest, at an average of 75%.

Winter is the averages popular season for visitors to travel to Barbados. Though it is the coldest season of the year on the island, the weather remains sunny and bright, with temperatures of 85 F (29 C) in December, and 84 F (29 C) in January and February. 

The lowest average sea temperature for swimming is also in February and March, though with an average temperature of 80.8 F, it is still plenty lovely for travellers to take a dip in the sea. 

Since winter is the most popular season for visitors, travellers looking to visit Barbados in December, January, or February, should plan to book in advance to avoid paying a premium for flights or hotel rooms.

However, visitors travelling to Barbados during the holiday season should look into the annual events and festivals held on the island each year that are available to locals and tourists alike.


The levels of rainfall continue to rise into the autumn in Barbados, with the average reaching 216 mm by October.

September and October are at the cross minimum amount of sunshine each day with around 7 hours, but this rises to 8 hours again by November as Barbados emerges from its wet season.

The temperature in Barbados from September through to November remains a consistent 30 °C.

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Major Events And Festivals In Barbados

Festivals play an important part in the culture on the island, with many featuring colourful costumes and vibrant dancing. 

Barbados the land of the Sun and Sea, it is also the home of various cultural celebrations and festivals. When you plan for your vacation on this beautiful island, why not take the time to have some fun and see what Barbados has to offer?

Many events highlight local cuisine and therefore make a good place to enjoy Caribbean fare. There are also many sporting events held in Barbados every year, from surfing, running, and sailing to golf events.

Be sure to check out what festivals may be occurring during your stay. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to see a different side of this unique island and learn more about its fascinating customs.

A. Holetown Festival

The Holetown Festival is an event that celebrates the arrival of the first settlers in Barbados in 1627. 

The festival itself dates back to 1977 and showcases the island’s culture and history. It now includes a street fair, sporting events, music performances, and much more. It takes place in the town of Holetown, on the west coast of the island, for eight days in most of the second week of February.

B. Oistins Fish Festival

This is a very popular event that takes place in the town of Oistins, in the southern part of the island. It started in 1977, this street fair celebrates the signing of the Charter of Barbados and honours fishermen. 

Visitors will be able to sample a huge range of local delicacies, as well as enjoy music and dance performances. 

The highlight is the fish boning competition. During this competition, the main idea is to see within the competitors who will be the first person to debone that great fish. Apart from the deboning of the fish, there are some other competitions such as the getting of the crab and the boat racing. 

So if you are eager and love such competition, then you should consider taking the trip down to the island and showcasing your local arts and crafts. You can also pick your local interesting local arts and crafts from the festival too.

Furthermore, the great Oistins Fish Festival usually takes place in the month of either March or April or even during Easter week.

If you choose to go by Easter the festival will occur every Easter for 1 week of celebration where people gather for the excitement of the things to do revolving around the fishing industry, which includes fish-deboning competitions, boat races, net throwing, food, crafts, music, and dancing.

C. Crop Over Festival

This island-wide celebration is probably the biggest and most loved in Barbados. The origins date back to the 1780s when sugar cane harvest was celebrated. The highlight is the carnival and spectacular Kadooment Parade. 

The festival runs from the end of June until early August and includes many smaller events throughout that period. 

The event will include the participation of a myriad of artists from across the island. Vendors will serve up a variety of island cuisine, from cou cou and flying fish to comforts and sugar cakes. Other elements of this diverse event include the greatly anticipated Farmers Market, The Craft Marketplace, The Urban Village, Steelpan Workshops, and Bajan Fashion, ensuring that throughout the event something is happening. 

The Folk Choir Concert is a celebration of Barbados’ colourful folklore, portrayed through various scenarios, and featuring the harmonious and talented voices of the island’s renowned folk singers and dramatists. 

This will be complemented by the pulsating rhythms of dancers and drumming ensembles, in a superb show of musicianship and iconic imagery.

D. The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA)

The National Independence Festival of Creative is a festival organized by the National Cultural Foundation, which is held annually to commemorate the independence of Barbados. 

The festival will uncover the artistic talents of Barbadians. This festival was created from the start to encourage Barbadians of all ages to match their talents in the fields of music, singing, dance, drama, writing, fine art, photography and arts and crafts. 

The festival runs through November 30th and culminates with a gala presentation in which the finalists are featured. There are also some other independence celebrations run throughout November and include sports competitions, fairs, community events and religious services.

E. The Barbados Independence Surf Festival 

The most important surfing competition on the island attracts world-class surfers from all over the world. Competing in two title events during the festival, which are the November Pro and Caribbean Junior Championships challenge the greats to ride the waves. 

If you are interested in such games, then you should consider coming to Barbados. However, there has been a restriction for visitors only that they can only allow visitors who can also experience surf demonstrations, a bikini contest, live music, and food on offer. The Barbados Independence Surf Festival takes place for three days in November.

F. Barbados Jazz Festival

The Barbados Jazz Festival is a celebration of the best artists irrespective of skin colour, height and many more factors. It will showcase all the best in international and local jazz talent, and it has quickly become a major annual Caribbean event. 

It is a jubilant affair that attracts a cast of talented musical maestros to the streets of Bridgetown who play for hours every night in festivity. Patrons attending the Barbados Jazz Festival were treated to the delights of all-star performances. 

Some of the Artists that are willing include Harvey Mason & Diana Jarrett, David Burnett & Dwane Husbands, James Blunt & Kite, Angie Stone, Glenn Lewis, Nexcyx, Chrisette Michele and many more graced the stage. Unfortunately, the Barbados Jazz Festival has not been held since 2010. We hope it will return soon.

G. Barbados Music Awards

From its inception in 2006, this prestigious awards ceremony has showcased and honoured the best and most promising of Barbados’ musical artists. 

This red carpet affair brings out the Barbadian glitterati to enjoy live performances by top-rated local and foreign musicians and entertainers such as Fantasia, our superstar Rihanna, Trinidad’s Machel Montano, the American R&B group Allure and many others. However, this remarkable show remains part of Barbados’ musical landscape.  


1. What Are The Cheapest Months to Visit Barbados?

The months of July to October are recognised as the low season in Barbados. Some people choose to travel at this time for more affordable rates and a more laid-back experience. 

2. Is Barbados An Expensive Place To Visit?

You should plan to spend around B$758 ($377) per day on your vacation in Barbados, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. 

3. How Long Do You Need In Barbados? 

The ideal plan is to visit Barbados between 5 and 7 days.

4. What Money Is Best To Take To Barbados?

The best money is Credit cards and currency as many establishments will accept payments in US Dollars with change being given in local currency. 

5. What language is spoken in Barbados?

Around 1,000 people use English as their main language and 286,000 use Bajan as their main language. So anyone is good to go.


Barbados is the best island where you can start your adventurous life as they have all the necessary weather and climate conditions that suit you as well as interesting events and festivals that make the island more appealing.

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