10 Career Jobs That Start With D In 2023

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There is a wide range of highly in-demand career jobs that start with the letter D which are currently sourced in different parts of the world.

Jobs with the letter D are not just sourced after or highly in demand, they are also among the highest-paying jobs that you can secure.

Are you eager to know them? Then, keep scrolling and reading as we outline all of the top letter D jobs that you can start your journey with.

Top 10 Career Jobs That Start With D

Below are the Top 10 Career Jobs that start with the letter D. They include:

1. Dentist 

This is my favourite career job. It is not only in demand but also is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world at large.

A dentist is someone who diagnoses, prevents, and treats diseases that affect the mouth as well as the teeth.

They perform routine check-ups on their patients and counsel the patients and individuals on the proper way to care for their teeth and gums. 

They work in hospitals while some open their private clinics. It is usually a Full-time or part-time job.

However, to become and also work as a dentist, you must complete four years of dental school and also an additional one or two years of residency training. 

Furthermore, the salary outlook of a dentist ranges from $90,000 to over $170,000 annually, depending on your level of experience, skills, location and educational qualifications.

2. Dietitian/Nutritionist 

A dietician/nutritionist is someone who educates people on the best way to eat, when to eat and what exactly to eat at all times as well as the kind of food to avoid depending on your body condition.

They also help in devising meal plans which are strictly for individual allergies.

They work in hospitals, healthcare homes, and many others. It is usually Full-time or Part-time depending on your choice.

The salary outlook ranges from $45,000 and $67,000 annually, depending on experience level and location.

3. DevOps Engineer

If you love Tech-related career jobs, then becoming a DevOps Engineer may be perfect for you.

A DevOps Engineer is an individual who works hand-in-hand with other IT developers as well as business operations professionals to improve the communication between people who created software, and IT solutions and the group of people who figured out how those solutions and software will be used in the business.

They also help to create, improve and develop the software as well the coordination how those provided solutions will be passed across to the users.

As a DevOps Engineer, you can work in Tech companies, Non-profitable Organizations etc. You can work Full-time, Part-time or remotely.

In addition, if you want to work as a DevOps engineer you must have a strong understanding of the information exchange flow in an organization, years of experience, a higher degree and be eligible to work in the country of residence.

The salary outlook varies as your level of experience, educational qualifications, industry and geographical region matter. However, the average salary is $134,280.

4. Data Scientist 

This is another Tech-related job that is highly in demand. 

A Data Scientist has to do with an individual who uses data to tackle questions and provide answers. They interpret databases and conclude the data gathered using varieties of tools and techniques such as statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

Furthermore, the salary outlook which varies by different factors is $139,080.

5. Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Analysts refer to those individuals who analyze marketing trends, and statistics and monitor campaign performance which will help to develop strategies that will help to improve digital advertising.

To work as a Digital Marketing Analyst, you need to have some technical skills such as excellent communication skills, good presentation skills, and strong data Analysts.

Furthermore, the salary outlook for Digital Marketing Analyst is $65,300.

6. Dispatcher 

A dispatcher is someone who is charged with the responsibility of coordinating with customers, and providing logistics for drivers while answering other questions.

They also engage various parties and need to transmit information. They may use radios, phones, or computers to transmit messages and direct vehicles to appropriate locations. They coordinate with drivers in the field, providing directions, changes in traffic, obstacles in the path, and weather conditions. 

To work as a dispatcher, you must have excellent communication skills, remain calm under stressful emergencies, be able to think clearly, and quickly take action with little supervision. You need to be proficient with computers, have strong knowledge of relevant procedures, have sound judgment, and must be a critical thinker.

Furthermore, the average salary outlook is $43,870.

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7. Desktop Support Technical 

A desktop support technician is someone who helps to provide technical support and troubleshooting to users using their IT hardware and software. They help get IT equipment back up and running to keep the business operating smoothly.

You can work remotely/full-time or part-time depending on your choice and time.

To work as a desktop support technician, you must have an in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software to properly assist clients and users. 

Furthermore, the average salary outlook is $67,200.

8. Database Administrator

A database administrator which is also called a DBA is a person who maintains the database where the data are stored and also oversees that database updates such as securities, storage, and form of troubleshooting.

They also help to organize sensitive data such as financial record data, inventories and sales statistics and ensure that the information is accessible to everyone to use at all times.

To work as a database administrator, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any related discipline such as computer science or any information technology course. You must have a certain level of experience and professional certifications.

Furthermore, the average salary outlook for a database administrator ranges from $60,000-$81,960.

9. Database Developer

Database Developer has to do with someone who develops software, designs, implements, and maintains databases.

They create database structures and store the data as well as write and test the database codes, queries, procedures and functions.

To work as a database developer, you just have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related field.

Furthermore, the average salary outlook ranges from $60,000-$110,000 per year which is dependent on your level of experience and industry. 

10. Data Entry Clerk

They are responsible for transferring paper formats into computer files or database systems. They are in charge of typing customer information into the system in an electronic format as well as creating spreadsheets that have large figures.

To work as a Data Entry Clerk, you must have excellent computer and typing skills, attention to detail, excellent time management and can work with minimal supervision etc.

Furthermore, the average salary outlook as of April 24th, 2023 for a Data Entry Clerk is $41,266 per year.


We hope that the jobs that we outlined are quite tempting and not just great.

There are so many others that you can check out but the ones that we have listed for you in this article are the ones that we consider the Top-notch.

Just acquire the necessary skills and start your journey. For more mind-blowing enlightenments, do well to subscribe to our blog and share with your friends.

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