10 Career Jobs That Start With W In 2023

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A good description of career jobs that start with W In 2023 has been provided in this article; from writer to winemaker to a Windows system assembler, we have you covered entirely in the alphabet W career jobs category.

Read on to get enlightened on the job responsibilities, individual qualities, work environments and educational qualifications these career jobs require. 

Career Jobs That Start With W

1. Waiting Staff 

A waiting staff is an individual whose task is to professionally wait tables and enable guests or clients to have a great experience in the restaurant or bar.

Qualities Of A Waiting Staff 

  • The waiting staff is always efficient
  • Excellent table étiquettes
  • Always friendly
  • Excellent customer service
  • Has an adept understanding of the menu
  • An active listener
  • Does not easily forget orders
  • Multitasking skills

Job Responsibilities Of A Waiter

  • Take guest orders accurately and serve food and drinks to the guests or clients.
  • Ensure that each table has menus, table napkins and well-arranged chairs.
  • Welcome the customers warmly and make them feel comfortable.
  • The waiting staff must attend to every customer inquiry or complaint.
  • Call on the management if there is an issue which is beyond your capacity to handle

Work Environments Of A Waiting Staff

A waiting staff works in a hotel, bar, diner, restaurant, or private home.

Educational Requirements For A Waiting Staff

An employer does not need any certifications from waiting staff. 

All waiting staffs require at least a year or two of on-the-job training on waiting tables, and this would give the waiting staff an edge and enable them to get employed without stress.

2. WordPress Developer

WordPress developers are responsible for a person’s website’s front-end and back-end development. 

They improve, optimize and manage WordPress websites, plugins, themes and WordPress software for individuals who hire them to do so.

Qualities Of A WordPress Developer

  • Coding language fluency
  • Adept knowledge of how to build a website
  • Technical skills
  • Search engine optimization abilities
  • User experience design abilities
  • Ability to programme expertly
  • Adept knowledge of Photoshop tools
  • Ability to manage hosts and database
  • Has excellent digital creativity
  • Project management abilities 

Job Responsibilities Of A WordPress Developer

  • Expertly designed a client’s website
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to enhance user experience
  • Be technically inclined enough to professionally build a front and back end for your client’s website.
  • Effectively manage your client’s database, hosts and server integration
  • Regularly do performance testing on the website

Educational Requirements For A WordPress Developer

In order to be considered a professional WordPress developer, you must acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or multimedia and digital communications. 

You must have WordPress, front-end, and back-end development work experience and an adept understanding of high-tech tools such as HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and JAVASCRIPT. 

3. Water Resources Engineer

Water resource engineers use the help of technology to ensure that a community has fresh water to consume. 

They oversee water cleaning projects and supervise committedly to ensure that only fresh water is being distributed for consumption.

Qualities Of A Water Resource Engineer

  • Project management abilities
  • Honesty
  • Very hard working
  • Highly disciplined

Job Responsibilities Of A Water Resource Engineer

  • Supervise the planning and structuring of water dispersal systems.
  • Supervise the treatment project of a community’s drinking water.
  • Develop water supply systems that are drained, tired and dirty.

Work Environments Of A Water Resource Engineer

They work in offices, on the field, water system and supply construction sites, production sites and the Federal Ministry of water resources.

Educational Requirements For A Water Resource Engineer 

You will need to pursue a degree focusing mainly on water management and engineering, like a bachelor of science or master’s degree in environmental engineering or civil engineering.

A high school diploma is useful as well.

4. Web Content Writer

A web content writer is an individual who is artistic and creative enough to create engaging content for the website or blog he or she is working for.

Qualities Of A Web Content Writer

  • Very hard working
  • Committed to writing
  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Adept knowledge of SEO
  • Grammatical intelligence
  • Research abilities

Job Responsibilities Of A Web Content Writer

  • Write engaging and informative content for your blog or the blog you are working for
  • Make sure to write regarding Google’s search engine optimization
  • Be able to manage time and meet deadlines
  • Use the right keywords while writing a blog

Work Environments Of A Web Content Writer

Web content writers can be employed and work in offices or remotely, and some are independent – thus, they have their blogs/websites.

Educational Requirements For A Web Content Writer

A bachelor of arts in mass communication, English language, education, linguistics and communication studies, creative art, or theatre art will be enough to enable you to become a writer.

5. Wine Steward 

A wine Steward is a wine professional who has a broadened knowledge of everything about wines; he or she knows how to suggest wines that will be great with the food a client is about to eat. 

Qualities Of A Wine Steward

  • Trained and well disciplined
  • Near, tidy and organized
  • Professionally dressed always
  • Excellent table serving etiquette

Job Responsibilities Of A Wine Steward

  • Check the inventory of the wine bar regularly
  • Make sure to dispose of expired wines
  • Take client’s orders and serve the exact wine that was ordered
  • Pour wine into the client’s glass professionally concerning table etiquette.
  • Clean up the bar and wipe tables that are quite dirty.

Work Environments Of A Wine Steward

Wine stewards are eligible to work in wine bars, hotels, and fine restaurants.

Educational Requirements For A Wine Steward

Although a BSc or master’s degree in home management, hospitality management or Culinary art can be an asset, wine stewards actually need no formal education or certificate.

All one needs to be considered a competent sommelier is a working experience in a wine bar for at least some months or a year.

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6. Winemaker

A wine professional winemaker has all the ageing, harvesting, crushing, fermenting, pressing, bottling and clarifying skills it takes to make quality wines.

Qualities Of A Winemaker

  • High sense of taste and smell
  • Broadly educated about winemaking
  • Knowledge of the alcohol percentage needed for each wine bottle

Job Responsibilities Of A Winemaker 

  • Manufacture very quality wine with quality raw products
  • Distribute with care to all retailers who are in need of wine to sell
  • Keep the vineyards clean regularly

Work Environments Of A Winemaker 

Vineyard owners, wineries, cellars, factories, and some beverage companies usually employ a winemaker.

Educational Requirements For A Winemaker 

Although a BSc or master’s degree in viticulture, wine science, food and nutrition science, horticulture and education in chemistry, biology, marketing, agriculture and plant science and biotechnology can be an asset, winemakers need no formal education or certificate.  

All one needs to be considered a competent winemaker is a working experience in a vineyard or winery for at least some months or a year.

7. Welding Engineer

These are practical and theoretical professionals who specialize in applying their metallurgy, physics, mathematics and welding engineering knowledge to design and construct welding materials.

Qualities Of A Welding Engineer

  • Highly analytical
  • Highly intelligent
  • Mathematically intelligent
  • Computer literates

Job Responsibilities Of A Welding Engineer

  • Invent welding materials based on the user’s needs and specifications.
  • Use engaging codes, blueprints, and contracts to document, plan and supervise ongoing welding operations.

Work Environments Of A Welding Engineer

These professionals can work in welding industries, construction sites, production sites, automotive companies, and machineries.

Educational Requirements For A Welding Engineer 

To be a welding engineer, you must get a bachelor of science degree in materials or welding engineering.

8. Wildlife Conservationist

These are empathetic individuals who protect wildlife species and their environment.

Qualities Of Wildlife Conservationists

  • Empathetic individuals
  • Caring and loving

Job Responsibilities Of A Wildlife Conservationist

  • Be watchful enough to prevent wildfires 
  • Engage in vegetation regeneration projects
  • Protect medicinal plants and animals in order to prevent them from going to extinction.

Work Environments Of A Wildlife Conservationist

Forests, aquaria, zoos, and national parks are the most common places a wildlife conservationist can work.

Educational Requirements For A Wildlife Conservationist

People who have a thing for plants and animals usually study ecology, agricultural science, plant science and biotechnology, animal behaviour, resource management, forestry, environmental science, biology, or wildlife biology.

A high school graduation certificate is also required.

9. Wallpaper Installer

These are interior designers or decorators who are employed in contract jobs to install wallpapers for individuals who want to beautify their spaces.

Qualities Of A Wallpaper Installer 

  • Physically fit
  • Ability to calculate
  • Analytical thinking abilities
  • Creativity

Job Responsibilities Of A Wallpaper Installer

  • Install wallpapers with regard to the weather or climate of the client’s location.
  • Give the client advice on which wallpaper will best suit his or her wall
  • Ensure that the walls are smoothened before installing wallpaper

Work Environments Of A Wallpaper Installer

A wallpaper installer can work in a wallpaper sales shop or office, an interior decoration firm or company, and in residential areas.

Educational Requirements For A Wallpaper Installer 

A wallpaper installer requires a high school graduation certificate, a bachelor’s degree and working experience.

10. Wedding Planner

A wedding hall usually has to be designed, tables and chairs designed, and the cake has to be designed and aesthetically pleasing to guests. 

Wedding planners are the individuals responsible for the tasks mentioned above, and they strive to ensure that their clients’ wedding is beautifully organized.

Qualities Of A Wedding Planner

  • Well organized
  • Communication skills
  • Creative and artistic
  • Interpersonal interaction abilities

Job Responsibilities Of A Wedding Planner 

  • Ensure that the wedding you are planning is very successful and clients are happy.
  • Monitor all the activities ongoing in the wedding hall and the environment
  • You are responsible for bringing up a wedding theme idea for the couple.

Work Environments Of A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are usually found to be independent remote workers who make their presence and services known online and get paid by clients to plan their weddings.

Educational Requirements For A Wedding Planner

A bachelor’s degree in management science, business administration, hospitality management, home management, marketing, tourism management, event management and interior decoration can enable an individual to become a wedding planner.  

Other Career Jobs That Start With W In 2023

  • Wireless network engineer
  • Wiring technician
  • Warehouse Operator
  • Writing Tutor
  • Wealth Advisor
  • Website Administrator
  • Website And Graphic Designer
  • Web Architect
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Windows Assembler


From the artistic to the scientific to the technological, the career jobs that start with W in 2023 offer an array of career path possibilities for you to choose from.

It’s important, however, that whichever career path you choose should be well-researched, and you should ensure you are up to the task to achieve its requirements before venturing into the career path.

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