11 Career Jobs that Start With T In 2023

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Growing up, a lot of people already knew the conventional career they wanted to pursue. Everyone wanted to be doctors, lawyers, pilots, teachers, nurses, etc. 

However,  the job pool offers more beyond these white-collar jobs, there is so much more you could reach for. 

Career paths that are not so common, yet offer great opportunities and surprisingly, similar pay to the popular ones are numerous.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 11 jobs that start with T, and of course, these are not your regular jobs. We can’t wait for you to discover these jobs, so come along! 

Career Jobs that Start With T 

1. Tax Clerk

A tax clerk handles a range of municipal and federal tax-related tasks, such as issuing bills and collecting payments, filing papers, and photocopying or keeping confidential data. 

Tax collector offices, government agencies, or private companies and businesses are the typical workplaces for tax clerks.

Calculating state or federal taxes on sales transactions, production processes, or manufactured goods and keeping track of the amount owed and paid are among a tax clerk’s primary responsibilities.

To cover the amount of tax owed, they can also add revenue stamps to tax filings.

2. Travel Clerk

A travel clerk helps travellers by setting up accommodations and giving them travel advice. Additionally, he or she responds to queries, makes recommendations, and offers descriptive materials for trips, excursions, sporting events, concerts, and plays.

Additionally, they consult with customers to learn their tastes and make bookings about routes, agendas, prices, and types of accommodations.

Not to mention, they organize guests’ requested services such as luggage handling.

3. Tree Cutter

This might not be the glamorous job that starts with T you may be expecting but it’s a great job anyway.

A tree cutter uses an ax, a measuring instrument, and a chainsaw to fell trees of a certain size and species, trim their limbs, and cut them into lengths for fuel, to make wooden fences or fence posts or pulpwood used to make paper. 

He uses axes, wedges, and a maul to split logs, and he might also need to stack the wood in a cord or rick quantities. 

This job requires someone with physical strength because it’s quite tedious. 

4. Typist

A typist is a person who types letters and other paperwork in an office setting.

A typist often compiles content to be typed and uses a typewriter or computer to type and edit documents.

They identify the layout aimed for, the number of copies required, their order of priority, and other criteria by reading the accompanying instructions or by listening to vocal instructions from the supervisor or the person that needs the document.

Additionally, they must use a typewriter, a computer, or word processing software to type and revise documents like correspondence, reports, statistical tables, addresses, and forms starting from an earlier version that is displayed on screen or a rough draft that has been corrected.

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5. Tax Attorney

A tax attorney guides funds, property, gift, excise, property, and various other federal, state, local, and foreign taxes to people, businesses, and other organizations.

He defends clients in tax litigation and drafts conclusions on the tax burden stemming from current and previous transactions.

6. Town Clerk

A town clerk handles a range of administrative and clerical tasks required by the local government.

Also, they create agendas and rules for the town council, keep financial documents and accounts, respond to formal mail, document council sessions, and create reports on community needs.

7. Toxicologist

A toxicologist is a researcher who is well-versed in a variety of scientific fields, including biology and chemistry. 

In general, they deal with chemicals and other compounds to ascertain whether they are toxic or damaging to people, other living things, or the environment.

A toxicologist is in charge of investigating the toxicity of cosmetic chemicals and products on lab animals to produce cosmetics.

Additionally, he applies cosmetic ingredients or newly developed cosmetics to test animals’ exposed, shaved skin and periodically monitors and examines the skin for the potential development of abnormalities, inflammation, or irritation.

8. Teacher

Now this is a job that starts with T that I’m sure everything is familiar with. A teacher helps a school or institution’s educational program by teaching courses, giving lectures, leading seminars, and engaging in other activities.

He or she creates an outline of the information to be covered, plans the course’s content and presentation strategy, and submits it for approval.

Additionally, they arrange for the use of audiovisual equipment or other teaching aids as well as the selection and assembly of materials to be used in teaching assignments, such as pottery pieces or plant life samples.

9. Tattoo Artist

I’m pretty sure you know what this is already. A tattoo artist is one that has been trained to draw and inscribe beautiful designs on a person’s body using the appropriate tools. 

Let’s be more specific about what a tattoo artist does. He punctures the client’s skin with an electric needle instrument, injecting the skin with an indelible, nontoxic pigment to create an ornamental or decorative design.

Interesting right? Becoming a tattoo artist is certainly an interesting career path to embark on as it encourages creativity and innovation.

10. Taxi Driver

A taxi driver makes a living by operating cabs. He runs a taxicab for hire, picking up people in response to service orders transmitted via radio or telephone.

Additionally, he collects fares listed on the taximeter based on mileage or time, and he keeps a log of transactions.

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11. Tile Decorator

A tile decorator uses silkscreen technology to print text or designs on unglazed tiles. 

He also analyzes the job orders and looks at the designer’s sketch to determine how to create the stencil.


So far, we’ve been able to see several interesting career jobs that start with T. 

Each of these jobs offers interesting experiences and opportunities for growth. 

The conventional careers available today  are all saturated and as such personal growth in these areas may be difficult to achieve. 

So, try exploring these career jobs that start with T and you may end up landing the job of your dreams! 

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