10 Career Jobs that Start With J In 2023

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It’s unlikely that someone wants to choose a career part solely based on an alphabet, but this is an innovative way to choose a career part, especially if you’re very indecisive. 

Well, this article shares numerous career jobs that start with J with you and each one of these jobs offers great pay and provides growth opportunities. 

What’s more, no matter your level of experience, you can easily start up in any of these jobs and still make considerable progress in no time. 

So, without wasting any time, let us see these interesting career jobs that start with J. 

10 Career Jobs that Start With J

1. Jackhammer Operator

This is a lucrative job and career part that’s not so popular but needs to be. Anyway, the core duties of a jackhammer operator are listed below. 

  • Uses a jackhammer to drill holes in ore or rock in a mine or quarry to assist in blasting and quarrying.
  • Connects water, steam, or compressed air pipes to the hammer.
  •  Place the drill in the chuck, pull the trigger to start the hammer, and then lean forward to drive the drill into a solid object.
  •  Oil the hammer.

2. Judge

A judge serves justice in a court of law, resolves disputes, or provides advice. They can employ government statutes or sentencing guidelines to determine the defendant’s punishment in criminal proceedings. 

Also, a judge may establish a defendant’s legal responsibility in civil actions and also engage in other activities like conducting wedding rituals.

The Standard Occupational Classification code of this job is 23-1023.00.

The average annual salary in the US is 115,460.00 dollars while $55.00 is the Mean Hourly Wage.

3. Jeweler

 Being a jeweller is one of the most fun career jobs that start with J. 

A jeweller creates, completes, and fixes jewellery items such as rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and lockets; or assesses the quality of gemstones and diamonds used in jewellery or industrial instruments.

Below are the core activities every jeweller engages in. 

  • Utilizing carving tools, and creating a wax or metal model of the object.
  • Combines jewellery parts using a soldering iron or torch.
  • Increasing or decreasing the size of rings.
  • Replaces broken pieces to fix clasps, pins, rings, and other jewellery that has broken.

4. Janitor 

A janitor is an individual who maintains a hotel, office building, apartment complex, or similar structure in a clean and organized state.

 They also take care of the furnace, air conditioner, and boiler to supply heat, cool air, and hot water to tenants or users of whatever building they’re in charge of. 

A janitor also sweeps, mops, scrubs, and vacuums the office space, stairwells, hallways, etc. 

5. Jetting Machine Operator

This is another interesting career job that starts with J. A jetting machine operator conducts physical labor-intensive tasks at construction sites using a variety of tools and equipment, including air hammers, earth tampers, concrete mixers, small mechanical hoists, surveying and measuring tools, and more. 

A jetting machine operator also cleans and prepares work areas, excavates trenches, installs braces to support excavation walls, erects scaffolding, and removes trash, debris, and other waste.

6.  Java Developer

Java developers are one of the most in-demand career jobs that start with J. 

The main duties of a Java developer include but are not limited to the following tasks.

  • Creates, alters, and tests the script, forms, and code necessary to make computer programs function. 
  • Utilize guidelines created by software developers or other people. 
  • They assist other software developers by researching customer requirements and creating software solutions.
  •  They save, find, and retrieve particular documents, data, and information, to create and write computer programs.

7. Jigsaw Operator

A jigsaw operator is a career job that requires you to engage in sawing equipment setup, operation, or maintenance. They might operate lead sawyers among other CNC machinery.

The Standard Occupational Classification code for this job is 51-7041.00, the average salary jigsaw operators in the U.S. receive is $ 29,960.00 while their average pay per hour is $ 14.00.

Other Jobs:

8. Jewel-cupping-machine Operator

A Jewel-cupping-machine Operator oversees a machine that cuts and polishes oil cups for use in jewel bearings.

They press the pedal to open the chuck, use tweezers to insert the gem, and then release the pedal to clamp the jewel in place. They also place the head holding the diamond and borax broaching tool in the operational position, turn on the machine, and load additional equipment.

Not to forget that they’re In charge of removing the finished jewels after the machine stops running.

9. Jailer

A jailer is someone who works In prisons and other facilities for rehabilitation, watching over the inmates in accordance with the rules and procedures in place. 

They also watch over inmates while they move between jail, courtroom, prison, or another location. 

The Standard Occupational Classification

 code for this job is 33-3012.00, the average annual salary in the U.S. is $ 46,750.00 while the average hourly wage is $ 22.00.

10. Jet Pilot

Jet pilots are individuals responsible for piloting and navigating the flight of multi-engine aircraft. 

A jet pilot usually flies aircraft on specific carrier routes and transports both passengers and cargo. 

Being a jet pilot requires a Federal Air Transport Pilot certificate and rating for the exact aircraft type that’s used. 

The Standard Occupational Classification

 code for this job is 53-2011.00 while the average annual wage in the USA is about $ 152,770.00. Also, there are about 81,520 currently working in this job.


This article has discussed some of the most sought-after job careers that start with J. They’re are many more great jobs that start with J but you need to take into consideration your qualification, pay and job duties before you make your choice. 

Whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong with any of these jobs. 

If you have any questions regarding these jobs you can send us an email or simply share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 

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