10 Career Jobs That Start With K In 2023

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Are you eager to discover several career jobs that start with K?

You have come to the right place as we have an article concisely written just to enlighten you on the career jobs in the alphabet K category, their skills, job responsibilities, work environments, and their educational qualifications.

Career Jobs That Start With K

1. Kitchenware Manufacturer

A kitchenware manufacturer is responsible for the designation of the beautiful pots, whisks, pans, non-stick pots, plates, cups, and knives we use to serve food daily. 

These kitchenWares are made of gold, silver, metals, gemstones, and steel.

Skills Of A Kitchenware Manufacturer

  • Sculpting skills
  • Craft-making skills
  • Artistic skills
  • Eye for details
  • Excellent 3D skills
  • Creative design software skills
  • Casting and soldering skills.

A Kitchenware Manufacturer’s Job Responsibilities

  • Brainstorm and draw the idea of the kitchenware, which is to be designed on your computer designing software, or draw the idea out on a piece of paper.
  • Working to make sure his utensil designs are unique and beautiful enough to beat his competition.
  • A Kitchenware Manufacturer has to design beautiful utensils that will be visually appealing to clients both online and physically.
  • A kitchenware manufacturer should ensure he knows each utensil material’s chemical and physical properties, e.g., silver, platinum, steel, iron, metals, and gold.

The Work Environment Of A Kitchenware Manufacturer 

Kitchenware manufacturers are creative artists eligible to work in small workshops, kitchen utensil manufacturing industries, offices, or in the comfort of their homes.

Educational Requirements For A Kitchenware Manufacturer 

An extensive education in using advanced software for creative designing, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, fine arts and design or Kitchenware design, and internship training. A high school graduation certificate is required. 

You will also need to have working experience using creative design software like Computer-aided design, Corel Draw, CAD, 3D construction, and 3D modeling. 

You will also need to learn how to make several shapes, analyze metals, irons, and steels, and learn all about metalwork, soldering, and sculpting.

2. Kinematic Mechanical Engineer

Kinematics is a motion-related study. Kinematic engineers are responsible for designing, constructing, and operating mechanical tools, devices, engines, and points that have moving parts. 

Skills Of A Kinematic Mechanical Engineer 

  • Verbal or written communication skills
  • Attention to little details
  • Skills of being patient and persistent 
  • Skills doing research
  • Digital and design
  • Creative skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills 
  • Accuracy
  • Mathematical and physics knowledge
  • Engineering science and technology skills.

A Kinematic Mechanical Engineer’s Job Responsibilities

  • The engineer must use his knowledge of kinematics to design and analyze mechanisms.
  • The engineer must implement, manufacture, design, develop, perform machine performance testing, and test prototypes.

The Work Environment Of A Kinematic Mechanical Engineer 

Kinematic mechanical engineers work in engineering companies, workshops, and manufacturing sites. 

Educational Requirements For A Kinematic Mechanical Engineer 

All kinematic mechanical engineers must have a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree to be considered a professional in the engineering career. 

One must have at least one-year working experience in working on mechanical points.

One must also acquire a bachelor’s degree in physics, mechanical engineering, or kinematic engineering.

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3. Kindergarten Teacher

A kindergarten teacher is an individual who takes up the responsibility of teaching and caring for young children who are just starting school. 

They take responsibility for the children and guard them through the basics of education and life ethics until they reach a certain age to handle a more advanced education.

Skills Of Kindergarten Teachers

Ability to stay patient, teaching skills, child development skills, creativity, and counsel/advise children in the right direction.

A Kindergarten Teacher’s Job Responsibilities

  • Teach children how to be social.
  • Guide the children academically.
  • Educate them on fundamental life skills.

The Work Environment Of A Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten teachers work in elementary, pre-primary, private, and public schools.

Educational Requirements For Kindergarten Teachers

A high school diploma is needed. An On-the-job teaching experience in kindergarten schools, preferably. Bachelor of Science in medical, arts, or social sciences and a teaching certificate. 

4. Key Duplication Locksmith 

First of all, making key duplicates has to do with creating new keys out of already existing ones. 

The key duplication expert knows everything about keys and door locks; the expert makes them, repairs them, and tests their performance. 

In some situations where you find yourself locked out of your comfort zone, you lose your keys, or you find out your key has been stolen, all you need to do is call your key duplicate expert to re-key your door lock or make another key copy exactly the way your former apartment key was.

Skills Of A Key Duplication Locksmith

  • Door lock expertise
  • Hand skills
  • Door hardware expertise
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Attention to little details
  • Technical skills
  • Eye and hand coordination skills
  • Mechanical skills
  • Patience
  • Biometric lock skills
  • Magnetic lock skills
  • Automatic lock skills
  • Jam lock skills and metalwork expertise.

A Key Duplication Locksmith’s Job Responsibilities

  • Respond to emergency calls immediately.
  • Offer great door lock services in a way an expert should.
  • Design and remake keys to the client’s satisfaction.
  • Be able to make quick deliveries. 

The Work Environment Of Key Duplication Locksmiths

These artisans are eligible to work in workshops, traditional key-making companies, security agencies, hardware stores, lock manufacturing companies, and government agencies and can work independently too.

Educational Requirements For Key Duplication Locksmiths

This profession does not need a bachelor’s degree but requires a high school diploma. 

It also requires extensive education in mathematics, computer science, physics, electronics, technical and mechanical drawing, metalworking, and working experience in metal workshops. 

5. Kidney Specialist

Kidney Specialists are medical doctors responsible for administering care for their patient’s kidneys and detecting kidney diseases.

The kidney specialist checks the performance of a patient’s kidney by taking blood samples and urine samples to run tests and make a diagnosis to treat the kidney condition through prescribed medication. 

Skills Of A Kidney Specialist

  • Must be compassionate, pay attention to little details, and have the ability to deliver high-quality medical care. 
  • They must also have excellent communication skills, expertise in internal medicine, aseptic techniques skills, renal care expertise, and patient nursing technique skills.

A Kidney Specialist’s Job Responsibilities

  • Expertly communicate with patients, so they will open up completely about their condition.
  • Run tests with blood and urine and ensure that you give accurate results.
  • Monitor the dialysis treatment from the day it commenced to the end.
  • Keep tabs on the patient’s response to treatment.

The Work Environment Of Kidney Specialists

Kidney disease specialists are eligible to work in private or public healthcare infirmaries; they can work independently in kidney dialysis units and in pediatric hospitals and academic institutions.

Educational Requirements For A Kidney Specialist

You are required to acquire a bachelor’s degree, and the MCAT exams should be passed. You should complete your medical school, achieve completion of internal medicine residency, a doctorate in nephrology, and achieve a nephrology board certification. 

6. Kidney Dialysis Technician

These professionals are also referred to as hemodialysis technicians, and they specialize in helping to care for patients who are suffering from the end-stage disease of the renal system and other minor diseases of the renal system. 

They work directly with registered nurses, physicians, and other dialysis technicians in the surgery room or clinic.

Skills Of A Kidney Dialysis Technician

  • Excellent communication skills, empathy, and compassion
  • Expertise in solving technical problems
  • Hemodialysis skills
  • Blood sample collection skills
  • Skills in maintaining kidney treatment equipment
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills, water treatment skills, blood chemistry skills.

Job Responsibilities Of A Kidney Dialysis Technician

  • Assemble dialysis equipment to ensure proper function.
  • Regular performance testing on the kidney dialysis equipment.
  • Monitor the patient before, during, and after every kidney healthcare administration procedure or surgery. 

The Work Environment Of A Kidney Dialysis Technician

Kidney dialysis technicians can always be employed to work in private or public healthcare hospitals, and they can work remotely and independently. 

They work in kidney dialysis units, and they can work in pediatric hospitals and also academic institutions.

Educational Requirements For Kidney Dialysis Technicians

Good results in a national certification exam, a high school diploma, nursing and healthcare administration working experience, a nephrology certificate, a dialysis technology certificate, and a bachelor’s degree in dialysis.

7. K-12 Principal

A k-12 principal runs programs for eager students who are interested in attaining more knowledge and educational expertise beyond the usual bachelor’s degree acquisition. 

Skills Of A K-12 Principal

Ability to stay patient, teaching skills, child development skills, creativity, and counsel/advise children in the right direction.

A K-12 Principal’s Job Responsibilities

  • Guide students only based on the specific academic calendar.
  • Use the K-12 curriculum standards to train the children under your care.
  • Ensure that the learning process is seamless for the students.

The Work Environment Of A K-12 Principal

They can work in public schools, and they can work online and in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Educational Requirements For K-12 Principals

A high school diploma is needed. An On-the-job teaching experience in elementary, middle, and high schools, preferably. 

Bachelor of science in medical sciences, arts or social sciences, and a teaching certificate. 

8. Keyboard Tutor

Keyboard or piano tutors know all the names of the keys and musical notes, how to quickly identify piano musical notes, assemble notes into chords, and teach their students the keyboard’s mechanics, musical and musical and electronic features.

Skills Of A Keyboard Tutor

  • Excellent finger dexterity and musical note expertise
  • Ability to make beautiful music
  • Ability to use the function keys like an expert and manual dexterity.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Keyboard Tutor

  • Guide students on how to play the piano like a professional
  • Guide students and help them achieve their piano goals
  • Always be patient with students and encourage them regularly until they become experts in the skill.
  • Regularly analyze your student’s abilities and communicate their wrongdoings to them.

The Work Environment Of A Keyboard Tutor

Keyboard tutors usually work in their clients’ homes and are also usually employed by colleges, high schools, elementary schools, and churches.

Educational Requirements For Keyboard Tutors

A high school diploma is required, alongside training or internship on everything about the keyboard (piano). A master’s degree in music is also a plus.

9. Kinesiology

This medical career path involves the specific study of the mobility of the human body; it is actually the study of motion related to the human body, or can be referred to as human kinetics. 

The kinesiologist knows every bone of the body which has been fractured, and they have adept knowledge of human physiology and anatomy. 

They can diagnose injury treatment plans, and they know all about injury prevention and so forth.

Skills Of A Kinesiologist

Fitness training skills, attention to detail, physical fitness, and cardiac rehabilitation skills.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Kinesiologist

  • Administer physiotherapy sessions to injured individuals
  • Advise on sports nutrition

The Work Environment Of A Kinesiologist

Kinesiologists can work in national sports bodies, universities, high schools, fitness gyms, pharmaceutical firms, and professional sport clubs.

Educational Requirements For Kinesiologists

Study on subjects such as physiology, research methods, bio-kinetics, muscle mechanics, nutrition, human kinetics, motor control and skills, anatomy, and biomechanics.

10. Kitchen Assistant

As a kitchen assistant, the individual is responsible for helping the main chef complete kitchen duties, prepare food, store raw foods, clean up the kitchen after use, wash dishes, and restock kitchen wares and raw foods.

Skills Of A Kitchen Assistant

  • Multitasking skills must be hardworking, obedient, patient, excellent customer service skills, culinary skills, and must be kind.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Kitchen Assistant

  • Assists other cooks when he or she is needed.
  • Mop, sweep, and wash all used dishes.
  • Maintained kitchen stock and restocked goods when the kitchen was out of goods and raw food.

The Work Environment Of Kitchen Assistants

The common work environments of kitchen assistants are commercial kitchens, hospitals, restaurants, some private homes, most residential facilities, care homes for the aged, and care homes for children.

Educational Requirements For Kitchen Assistants

Culinary arts experience is needed to be a professional in this area. A high school diploma is also a plus, and a bachelor’s degree in home management is an asset too.

Other Career Jobs That Start With K

  • Knitting Machine Operator
  • Kinesiology Professor
  • Kiln Transfer Operator
  • Kiln Mechanic
  • Key module Assembler
  • Keto Diet Nutrition Specialist
  • Karate Tutor Or Master
  • K-8 School Teacher
  • Keeler Polygraph Operator
  • Keller Machine Operator 


Having successfully expanded your knowledge on the possible career jobs that start with k just by reading this article, you can also select any career of your choice and attain the requirements needed to be considered a professional and be successfully employed.

Thank you for reading our K career job article.

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